The Resurrection


The small town of Deacon Falls, Massachusetts has always been haunted. Or, at least, that's what the residents will tell you if you ask them. People disappear all the time, without a trace, and they are never seen again. Something evil is happening in the town and the residents are going to get to the bottom of it. If they aren't killed in the process, that is.

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Yes, if you played a character that was killed, they can come back as a ghost now. Just message the main.

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Yes! I was finally able to get into this account! If you're following this Resurrection, please make sure to go to our new account and give it a follow, and even check out our open characters! We've been through a HUGE revamp and we would really appreciate it.

Riley Timore | 18 | The Ring: Samara Morgan | FC: Nina Dobrev | Taken

Riley spends her time writing poetry and painting. She grew up in foster care and bounced from house to house until she was eighteen. When they kicked her out, she felt isolated and abandoned. She sought refuge at Deacon University, a very prestigious school in Deacon Falls, Massachusetts. Riley had no family to speak of, so when she left the town she grew up in, nobody missed her. The people that became her family were the friends that she had had growing up. The Abrams lived next to her all her life and she became close with them, Greg especially, when she was little. They were always regarded as the creepy little children who needed help and she didn’t understand what was so wrong with them. 

Samara Morgan was a perfectly normal little girl when she was alive. After she was murdered, all that changed. She became even more needy and reclusive. She possesses the power of nensha (thoughtography), meaning that she is capable of burning images onto surfaces and into people’s minds. Using this power, she made the cursed videotape that is responsible for lives lost by teenagers who think they’re much braver than they really are.

Every time Greg would be carted off to a new mental hospital at the request of his parents, Riley could feel her world slowly crumbling, and nothing really felt normal until he was back in town. It was always weird when she was go to visit Sloane Abrams and he wasn’t there. It was as if the entire feel of the house changed while the boy was away. Riley was usually reserved, shy, and didn’t do a lot, but as she got older, the resentment from her old life became worse and worse and it turned her cold. The only person who ever really had a sense of control over her was Jake Monroe and there would never be a reason that anyone could find for that. Riley was just complicated… To say the least.

How to: Write Horror

I’m going to take the liberty of posting these links so that it’s easier for you all to write horror, seeing as this is a roleplay focused on the horror genre: 

Stella Dominic | 19 | Psycho: Emma Spool | FC: Demi Lovato | Deceased Killed by Oliver Bailey on August 26th, 2012

Stella isn’t your average, ordinary, small town girl. Then again, in Deacon Falls, can anyone really lay claim to that stereotype? Stella is very aware that the town holds incredible secrets, terrifying people, and yet, everything about it makes her feel so alive. She has lived in town her entire life, grew up with the same people, went to high school with them, but she never really felt like she connected with anyone. Not many people in town are keen on opening up to others and really letting them in. She understands why they wouldn’t want to make friends, seeing as it’s hard to know who to trust around here, but she wishes it weren’t so hard to get people to fall under her spell. She’s very good at persuading others to do as she pleases, even though she doesn’t look like she’d be the type of person to manipulate others.

In Psycho II, Mrs. Spool, the cook at a diner in Fairvale, California urges owner Ralph Statler to make Norman Bates — newly released from the mental institution he was institutionalized in during the original film — the cook’s helper. Statler accepts and Norman meets with Mrs. Spool. At about this time, a series of brutal murders occur that bear a similarity to the ones Norman committed years before. In the film’s final scene, Mrs. Spool comes to visit Norman and reveals to him that she is his real mother. She tells him that she had him when she was very young and out of wedlock. She was put away by the state and her sister, Norma, took Norman in her care, raising him as her son. Mrs. Spool, while telling him this, is unaware she is actually sipping tea which Norman has poisoned. The poison takes effect and Mrs. Spool begins to cough. Norman picks up a nearby shovel and hits her on the head, killing her. Norman takes his new “Mother” upstairs, and begins talking to himself in Spool’s voice, recreating his murderous “Mother” persona.

Oliver Bailey wasn’t the first person on Stella’s list of people she thought she would meet in Deacon Falls. He was far too tied up in Sloane, the circle that seemed to dominate town, and the fact that he seemed to believe he was better than most of the other people in town. Not in the same way Silas believed that, but Stella was definitely getting the feeling from him. Most of the people in town scared her beyond belief and Oliver was definitely not an exception to that. If anything, he one of the scariest people she had managed to find in town, and she wanted little to nothing to do with him. Deacon Falls is a very small town, much smaller than Stella would like, and she often dreams of running away to Boston or New York City, but she knows that once you’ve lived in Deacon Falls for a while, it’s impossible to get away from.

Lux Morgan | 16 | So Weird: Fiona Phillips | FC: Stefanie Scott | Taken | Murdered by Oliver Bailey on September 6th, 2012

Lux realized that she was different when she was six and she found herself talking to a ghost. To be specific, it was the ghost of her grandfather, who had been dead since before she was even born. When she told her mother, it was a battle between the two of them that ended with Lux being sent to her room, and her mother breaking down into tears. Since then, she has stopped telling anyone what she sees. From the ghosts to the murders in town to a Banshee, nobody can know that she has this intense connection to the paranormal.

Fiona ‘Fi’ Phillips is the series’ main protagonist, who left at the beginning of season three to live with her aunt and try to have a “normal life”. Fi set up a website called So Weird, which was shown in episode one and appeared until season three. On this website she posts her strange experiences and finds a community that shares her belief in the paranormal. Fi has a vast knowledge of all things paranormal and an eye for detail. In “Strangeling” and “Banshee,” it is hinted that she is part witch on her grandmother’s side. In “OOPA,” it is shown that she has a psychic connection to an ancient computing device from Atlantis. Fi lost her father in a car accident when she was three years old. In “Strange Geometry”, Fi learns that her father was obsessed with the same weird things that she investigates. The will-o’-the-wisp known as Bricriu says that this may have led to his death in “Destiny”. Fi’s father’s death and its increasingly mysterious circumstances acts as a double season-long story arc over seasons 1 and 2. 

She doesn’t understand why her parents moved her to Deacon Falls, but once she starts to meet people, she starts understanding it more. She was really upset when her parents told her that she was going to be living with her grandmother, but she quickly got over it when she realized just how alike everyone else in town was to her. She finally felt like she was somewhere she belonged.

Jasey Pope | 23 | The Ring: Katie Embry | FC: Juliet Simms | Taken | Murdered by Cain Timore on September 27th, 2012.

Jasey is a very smart girl. She has the mind of a brilliant scholar and the body of an actress, with the face of a model. To say that she’s something of a genius would be a lie. That’s Riley. However, she is studying pre-law at Deacon University, with hopes to someday spender her years at Harvard Law. She has always wanted to be a lawyer, but now with one of her best friends sitting behind bars for a crime that he didn’t commit, she knows what she has to do to help set him free. 

Katie Embry is the niece of Rachel Keller and the cousin of Aiden Keller. She watched Samara’s tape when she was at a cabin with her boyfriend and their friends, and then told her best friend about it a week later. Of course, she thought nothing of the tape, and they never told her the folklore behind it. She didn’t think that anything bad was going to happen to her, but when her best friend opened the closet door to her with a look of pure terror on her face, she knew just what they were dealing with. 

Jasey tries to keep a low profile, especially when it comes to some of the people in town, but in being one of the sweetest people, that doesn’t work for her. For someone who wants to keep a low profile, she certainly does have a lot of friends. She just can’t say no when someone tries to talk to her, as she doesn’t want anyone to feel alone, or like she doesn’t want them to be around. For this reason, she is entirely too close to some of the murderers in the town. The villains are not the best people to be acquainted with, but she knows that in the long run, it’s going to be good for her. 

Natalie Tinsley | 17 | Nancy Thompson: A Nightmare on Elm Street | FC: Crystal Reed | Taken |  Deceased

After living in such a small town her entire life, Natalie was used to the rumors and the stories that littered the place. She liked to think she was too old to believe in things like the boogeyman or to get spooked by campfire tales about things that went bump in the night but it was starting to get a little scarier around Deacon as of recently. People were going missing, some were even turning up mutilated and massacred without any real explanation to soothe the wandering minds of those that resided in the tightly-knit town. Natalie clung to her logical mind and told herself that everything would sort itself out in time.

Nancy Thompson was an unlikely heroine within her own right. When she became tormented and haunted by none other than the nightmare master himself she faced her fears and saved not only herself but many of her friends around her.

Natalie is a bright girl but with things around town starting to rattle her a bit more than she initially lets on she has begun to stay up later than she usually would. Swallowing down as many caffeinated drinks as she can get her hands on for some odd reason or another. It seemed as if some of those around town were falling asleep and never waking up again - Nancy was determined to keep her sanity and her life without losing either in the process of trying to tell herself that she was just being paranoid. 

Tawny Ainsley | 17 | SCREAM: Tatum Riley | FC: Megan Park | DECEASED Murdered by Riley Timore on August 11, 2012.

Little Miss Tawny Marie had always known what it was like to be one of the most popular girl not only in school but throughout her town. She loves the attention but will be quick to remind anyone who forgets that she isn’t just another easy bimbo who spreads her legs to any guy who gives her a flattering remark while she is always open to them. Growing up in a small town often bores Tawny but when blood starts to be spilt she begins to have vivid nightmares about being chased by a cloaked figure in a ghost mask wielding a knife that she can never quite escape no matter how much she squirms.

Tatum Riley is a Woodsboro teenager, the best friend of Sidney Prescott, the girlfriend of Stu Macher and the sister of town Deputy Dewey Riley. After a series of murders begin in the town, Tatum attempts to protect Sidney from the ensuing media attention, since the killings occurred on the anniversary of the brutal murder of Sidney’s mother. Tatum’s boyfriend Stu hosts a house party, during which the killer strikes, attacking her in the garage. She tries to escape through a cat door fitted to the automatic garage door, but becomes trapped, and the killer raises the door. Tatum’s neck is crushed between the rising door and the top of its frame, killing her. 

Having an older brother seems to remind her that she can only get away with so much before he is right there to remind her that she should behave like the sweet princess their parents like to believe that she is. Tawny just wants to have fun and enjoy her young life especially when people start dropping like flies and more people are talking about ghosts and slaughter than parties and fun but she is in no way a dumb blonde with big breasts who is more likely to run upstairs from a striking killer than out the front door. She is smart, sweet and knows just how to get anything she wants if she puts her mind to it.